On March 27 and 28, our representative, Stan Spears, attended the DUG GAS+ Conference in Shreveport, Louisiana, on behalf of the LCTS Team. This event, held on Wednesday and Thursday, was one of DUG’s satellite events, focusing on specific gas field plays. While not as large as the main DUG event in Fort Worth, Texas, the Shreveport conference offered valuable insights and networking opportunities within the industry.

The conference featured an exhibit hall with 19 vendors and approximately 200 attendees. The exhibit hall pass included access to breakfast, lunch, breaks, and a networking hour on Wednesday, providing ample opportunities to engage with industry professionals and discuss current trends and innovations.

Networking Highlights and Key Connections

Stan made several promising connections during the conference, particularly in the sectors of emission control, fuels and lubricants, and industrial gasses. These contacts could lead to significant opportunities for collaboration and expansion of our services in these areas. Exploring these connections further will be beneficial for the LCTS Team as we continue to grow and innovate within the industry.

Event Summary

Despite the smaller scale compared to the main DUG event, the DUG GAS+ Conference in Shreveport provided a focused environment to discuss advancements in the gas industry. The more intimate setting allowed for meaningful conversations and networking with key industry players, which is always beneficial for fostering potential partnerships and exploring new business opportunities.

Attending this conference was a valuable experience for the LCTS Team, and we look forward to leveraging the connections made to benefit our projects and initiatives.