As everyone, in the Northern Hemisphere at least, comes back from their summer holidays, at LCTS we thought we would brighten the mood by offering our clients a treat or, more accurately, a TREAT. In this instance, TREAT stands for Technical Review, Engineering Assessment, Threat mitigation. TREAT is a commercial offering designed to deliver a defined engineering service, over a defined period and for a fixed price. In short, it allows our clients to accomplish a specific review of a facility or part of a facility or of a specific piece of equipment or process which could become an operational threat whilst keeping tight control of the budget and with full understanding of the total cost.

The TREAT takes ten working days to complete, though the scope and timing can be adapted, and costs $9,000 plus expenses in the unlikely event that any expenses are incurred. The deliverable is a short presentation of no more than five pages which contains our analysis of the data, our assessment of any problem or performance issues and a proposed way forward, together with a rough estimate for implementing any solution if required.

In order to add more value, if LCTS is required to carry out further work, the TREAT fee is discounted from the price. Further, if we’re unable to diagnose the issue or develop a feasible solution, then we don’t charge any fee for the TREAT.

At LCTS we pride ourselves on looking at engineering challenges from the client’s point of view and to develop answers based on client needs and operational methods rather than what suits LCTS. Our TREAT programme is the result of this approach and will hopefully be part of a series of similar offerings which will break down necessary engineering tasks into manageable and costed blocks to make for better planning and easier budgeting. We believe that this approach will make a material contribution in terms of increasing value and reducing risk.

Looking at engineering in general and the sectors we serve, we’re in no doubt that many of the smaller organisations which are driving much of the innovation, certainly in the new energy space, need as much help as possible in order to optimise capital spend and budget efficiently. We also believe that the ability to define cost as accurately as possible is also a huge benefit when dealing with investors and lenders. The more any figures are trusted, the less likely financial stakeholders are to apply their own estimations and assumptions therefore it makes sense, wherever possible, for the engineering support to do what it can. If a project goes forward, everyone involved in that project goes forward with it.

With this programme in mind, now would be an excellent time to have a quick review and see how your business can benefit from this innovation. TREAT delivers cost effective peace of mind and makes a major contribution to your operational reliability. If you have a need, your TREAT is waiting for you.

Photo by Daulet Turubayev on Unsplash